The Government of Québec is proud to partner up once again this year with the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, a cultural event which combines with verve music and visual arts. Enthusiastic festival-goers from near and far can stroll around the numerous outdoor stages for a musical feast by the likes of up-and-coming musicians alongside the big names of the music industry. In celebration of the 375th anniversary of Montreal, free concerts are held on the streets of the city, in addition to the lineup of events at Île Notre-Dame. Come out and enjoy the highly accessible and fun-filled shows the Festival has to offer!

The economic, tourist and media spin-offs for Osheaga benefit Montreal and all of Quebec, and this major event promotes our city at the international level.

Have a great festival, everyone!

Year after year, Osheaga is one of the summer’s hottest music events, but the 2017 edition promises to be better than ever as Montréal celebrates its 375th anniversary. The festival will have listeners grooving to a wide range of musical styles and stir the energy of the broader music scene. Join the fun and be part of this major music festival.

Osheaga helps boost Montréal’s reputation on the international stage and gives visitors from around the world the chance to see amazing talent in a singular setting.

Wishing you an unforgettable time at Osheaga!