Whether we look back at artists from the NFB since our first Artist Village, the SkewVille duo, the colletive CanLove, HotTea or Wayne White, Osheaga Arts takes pride in presenting each artist or group of artists to support the international influence initiatives of the festival. Alongside renowned artists, every year, Osheaga Art’s lineup includes emerging artists; simply think about Phil L’animal, la Paria, WZRDGNG, artists of EnMasse-PourLesMasses, SkinJackin, What is Adam, students from l’UQAM or Katie Green to name just a few.

Music on Paper

exhibit commissionned by Pat Hamou

For the past 9 years the Music On Paper exhibit has served as a primer to the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival. Located in a professional gallery space in the city two weeks prior to the festival, Music On Paper’s focus is to celebrate the unique art of the screen printed music poster by exhibiting and showcasing some of the best visual artists in this field. With posters officially licensed by the bands themselves, creativity and expression has been key in the modern day poster movement which grows in popularity with each passing year.