Sound for the environment

Over the years, Osheaga has put into place various eco-friendly actions focused on reusing, reducing and recycling. Osheaga is the first festival in North America to achieve the ISO 20121 certification for its Event Sustainability Management System for the 2014 edition.

Beyond the artistic and cultural experience, Osheaga wants to minimize the negative impact on the environment and maximize the positive influence it has on the society and the economy. The Osheaga Festival is in the center of suppliers, partners, artists and the public.





Do your part

We go to Osheaga to have fun! Nonetheless there is a lot of waste produced over the weekend.

Last year, the festival took measures to become certified for the BNQ 9700-253-Responsible Event Management and minimize the negative impacts Osheaga could have on the environment. In this mindset, we have set a goal for the waste produced per person during Osheaga 2016: 170 grams.

Here are some ways you can help us out!